You are the Sun


Between Your Heartbeats

You were born to battle.

A hand grenade’s entrenched

between your lungs, ticking

down, at war

with your own existence.

Yet when your head falls

against your lover’s chest,

you do not grieve to hear

the bomb.

No one ever suffered

who didn’t give a damn.

So when you’re entangled

in your lover’s limbs

and the weekday alarm

calls you to lay siege,

make peace —

make love —

between your heartbeats.

Applying the Creative Power of Imagination to Our Lives

The first thing we can immediately manifest through our imagination is emotion. Emotion is what supercharges our intention, meditation and prayer — feeling is what Gregg Braden defines as the lost mode of prayer (see this and many other brilliant books by this author!). We can create emotions simply by imagining them, powerfully altering our heart’s electromagnetic field, which in turn directly and physically affects the world. Emotions can run our lives, but imagination gives us the power to heal our emotions and even heal our bodies, other people, and the world. It sounds too good to be true, but frontier science is proving this to be how existence works.

Many — perhaps most — of us long to experience the sacred, the divine, and the connection to all things. Imagination is our birthright to make this experience happen whenever we want — and to realize that we are ourselves divinely powerful beings.

We can use imaginative meditation to connect with the divine, to access information and answer the questions of our souls, and to manifest the world we want to live in. Practicing imaginative intention is a whole new way to live and experience your life, making it ideal for self-discovery, growth, and healing. The best part is that imaginative practice does not require years of intense mental discipline — a child can do this, and in fact I believe children are natural masters of this practice. We as adults have simply forgotten how to do it, or been conditioned to disregard the validity and power of the imagination.

Our souls are contained in the Field, as all information is written in potential. The realm of possibility, when you believe that everything happens, becomes identical to the idea of the Akashic Records. Imagination, our direct sense of potential, is therefore our gateway to all wisdom and knowledge. Imagination is the power behind remote viewing and soul journeys to spirit guides and our higher selves. This is not to downgrade the validity of the spirit world — as the ancient lineage of Peruvian Q’ero shamans would say, it doesn’t matter if we are imagining or experiencing spirit — it is all the same.

We all know imagination is a creative power, so why don’t we fully and unashamedly apply imagination to the act of co-creation? It is more than daydreaming some fantasy. Imagination can manifest the experiences you wish to bring into existence. Imagination creates more than art and discovery; it creates existence itself.

Journaling My Journey: 9

notebooks of Dreamcraft

Dreamcraft has been an investigation into the underpinnings of the universe and all that connects us, following from several years spent studying shamanism. Lately, I’ve been exploring the research of Lynne McTaggart and Gregg Braden, and found that my beliefs born of thought experiments align perfectly with their cutting-edge research, and that of the newest scientific discoveries that are still too controversial to be taught in school or widely accepted.

It is an exciting time, not just for me but for those already exploring the frontiers of science that connects the dots about who we are and what our world is all about. I’ve been working on intention in prayer and meditation and now realize I want to heighten the experience by joining others who want to change the world by changing their thinking and feeling.

It is our greatest human attribute to be naturally connected to the divine and the power of all potential, which we hold within us. I believe that by exploring the imagination and the doors it opens, we can truly feel connected to everything and experience the Field of all things in a vivid, deep way.

Imagination: Our Sense of the Divine and All Creation

The Divine Matrix, or the Field, are two ways of speaking about a very simple thing: the realm of potential, where all possibility is contained. Potential itself is responsible for the existence of all things. When we ask how all existence came into being, we aren’t satisfied with answers that require something to already exist, like the singularity before the Big Bang. But the only thing that can simultaneously be “real” and yet not actually manifest as a thing that exists is potential. Potential is simply possibility. Once the potential for something to happen is realized in the world — once it happens, in other words — it is no longer potential but a manifest thing. So if you want to call on something outside of existence to cause existence, your only choice is potential.

Things happen because they are possible — and given either infinite space, multi-universes, or infinite time, everything possible must happen. It is possibility that runs the show.

You might ask, “who decides what is possible?” and the answer is very powerful.

As Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” This points to the stunning fact we have been dismissing all along: our imagination is not mere meaningless fantasy of unreality, but a direct sense of potential. If we can imagine it, we can be assure it must be real, given infinite time or space. If we can imagine it, we are connecting with the Field or Divine Matrix of potential.

There is grow evidence that we live in an interactive universe. No only are we all connected, we co-create the world around us. Our intentions can affect people and happenings no matter how physically separated they are.

So I believe that the answer to the question “who decides what is possible?” is, at least in part, all of us and anything capable of imagining possibility. We truly do dream the world into being.

It is time to put our power and connection to each other and the divine to good use by ending the stigma around imagination. Through the imagination we have access to all information about anything that ever happened or will happen, which explains remote viewing. Through the imagination we can created deeper, emotive intentions that change the world. Through the imagination we unlock our own potential and recognize the divine creative power within us.

Heart-Led, Intentioned Prayer Practice

A simple way to connect to your heart’s power and its own knowledge and language, and use that power in prayer:

Place your hand over your heart centre, in any way that feels comfortable to you. This connects you to your heart’s own awareness and intelligence. Did you know that the heart has its own neural cells, called now by scientists “the little brain in our hearts” that acts separately and independently from the brain in our heads? Gently shift your attention and awareness to your heart.

Now slow your breathing a little, as much as is comfortable to you. This relaxed state tells your mind and body that you are safe, so you are in a state to heal and manifest rather than being in “fight or flight mode”, which is stressful on the body. You can’t heal when you’re in the mode of defense and fight or flight.

Now imagine the emotions attached to any these words: compassion, care, appreciation, and gratitude. Can you create the emotion of gratitude in your heart right now? Can you create that feeling of compassion and care that you get when you look into a loved one’s eyes? Can you imagine the feeling you have when you appreciate the beauty of life?

Create any of these feelings, still breathing slowly, and notice: do you feel different? Can you sense your heart’s awareness?

In this state you may wish to pray. Gregg Braden explains that asking for things denies our own power to create what we want to happen, and also by asking for something, we’re implying that we don’t have it — focusing on the lack of it, which makes it seem out of our reach, even impossible to obtain.

Let your heart pray instead. For instance, if you wish for healing, imagine the emotions and sensations of being healthy, vibrantly vital, peaceful and happy, able to do anything. Practice generating these emotions in your imagination, because these feelings are the language of the heart, and your heart’s way of praying. Your heart has the power to connect with the divine and co-create the changes it wants to see in the world — but you have to let your heart do the talking.

I have a new group on Facebook for anyone who wants to join with others in prayer to manifest greater change in their lives and the world. Join us here!

Understanding the Role of Emotional Pain

So much about modern life seeks to dull and dispose of emotional pain, but this pain is both a teacher and an opportunity. We depend on struggle to feel that we exist at all. Struggle is what gives value to achievements and allows growth. Just as all life feeds of the death of something, all pain can feed joy and fulfillment. You wouldn’t want to read a story without any conflict or drama, in which the protagonist was always happy and content — neither would you really want to live such a life. Without struggle in your life story you are a hero of nothing.

And if you really were perfectly peaceful and content all the time, it would be as if life were living itself, without a need for your own effort to overcome anything. And in that case, it would be as if you didn’t exist at all, as if life would live on without you.

One of the worst bouts of depression I experience is not about crushing emotional pain so much as it is the overwhelming sense of emptiness and lack of feeling anything — a mental state in which nothing seems to matter. However, in emptiness lies the greatest potential. Where there is nothing, like a blank page, anything can be written. So it becomes clear to me that states of emptiness are opportunities to change up your life. If you can connect with your potential in these moments, the infinite potential to do absolutely anything you can imagine, you can find new ways to live, new perspectives, and find new ways to fulfill your soul.

All struggle is an opportunity. It is necessary to feel alive and it makes achievements valuable in the first place. When you are in emotional pain, it is an opportunity to discover what your soul truly needs and gives you a reason to make greater efforts, which lead to growth and feelings of success.

I maintain that emotional pain is a spiritual thing — emotions are immaterial, and thus part of the spirit world. If we examine our emotions and pain, instead of trying to quick-fix them, we can learn what we value, what false beliefs are fueling continued and painful mistakes, and how to live better. In this way emotional pain is an ally, it is a signal that something is wrong either in your thinking or your actions. Just as physical pain tells you about your body, emotional pain tells you about your soul, and signals a time for action — a time to make changes and shake things up.