Childlike Wonder

If you have a young child in your life, or are in touch with your own inner child, this song that I made is for you. It portrays the awe and curiosity of a little one looking at the world and saying, “What’s that?”


Finding Authenticity


Authenticity is our birthright, the wisdom of the soul, and something that ought to come naturally. There can be no thinking when we enact authentic lives. The connection to our soul’s wisdom is best sought through the intuition, by feeling; meanwhile thinking is best utilized to deconstruct the false self, the one programmed to think in defined ways that closes more doors than it opens.

Beneath the false self’s programming lies a stream of “thought” too fast to parse; it is quicksilver at lightspeed, subtle but strong. This is the gut-feeling of your soul, and if you act by it, you are being authentic — this is the only measure of authenticity.

Deconstructing the false self seems an overwhelming task. However, you are seeking freedom, and freedom is not something to be hampered by endless internal debate. If you at least know your soul’s true desires and can see the problems inherent in what your false self believes it desires, as I have spoken about here, you can recognize instantly and intuitively if you are feeding your authentic self or your false self. Freedom, then, in authenticity, need not be full of fear that you are doing anything wrong, as long as your actions are in accordance with the desires of your soul.

The authentic self knows its own sovereignty and seeks only to be freed. This means letting go of the conditioned and ignorant false self, overthinking your every move, and simply connecting to your soul’s reactions in any given situation.

It can be terrifying to be authentic in a world that has taught us to act in ways that are precisely the opposite. My own soul is very childlike, desiring to create joy through imagination and laughter and play.  And the world may well disapprove. But it is the world that programmed our false selves in the first place, and by co-creation we seek to change the world from within, by changing our perspective and experience of it.

“Be yourself,” the world says, long after it has taught you who to be and how to think. Authenticity reclaims the original self, the self that is eternal in the soul, which persists beyond any circumstance and cannot be shaken.

Can you hear the subtle current of your soul’s desires, far in the depths of your consciousness? Can you connect with the soul’s natural responses and live from a place of power and peace? Can you learn to open the door to let your authenticity come through in action without thinking, censoring, or editing? To truly act naturally is to attend to the soul-consciousness within, feeling it in your gut and acting by it alone.



Your Mind, a Shark

Your mind is a shark, moving

for a living.

In the depths, layered currents flow;

but when you dive

below the waves of daily life,

you cease to hear your thoughts and believe

you have found


darkness and emptiness.

The pressure is too high; you want to rise

back to the surface, where words tell

you what you’re thinking:

dishes, bills, annoyances, neediness —

all those little quandaries.

But the deepest current is not

silent or still or barren.

It’s quicksilver at lightspeed, too fast

to hear, too refined for words.

Here, at maximum depth,

is you, your soul:

the thoughts you can only feel

in your gut, the thoughts you must enact


or else sink.




Poetry: You, a Soul

You, a soul, free-fall

at the speed of time, a comet

hewn of ancient rock, waiting

only to awaken, to feel.


The shattering

is never what you think.


It’s to be aware

of solar wind dancing

on your surface, tugging

at your edges —


the first sense

of sense itself —


and to surrender, to collide

with this immovable experience,

your first lover.


You birth life.

You become you:

a soul traveling at timespeed

with the wind in your hair.

Celebrate Yourself

Where Spirit Stops

Today, I am celebrating Me, my authentic being — my soul.

I am an artist. I sculpt in clay and wool, bringing what beauty I see in nature alive.

I bring my spirit to life in rattles for meditation: I create art to find the soul within.

I write poetry to express the beauty I see.

noodle and grey jay 4

I create music that lifts my spirit and excites my soul.

I seek to share my philosophy of life and what truths seem evident to me, hoping to help others.

“Changing the world is an inside job. The only thing holding you back is your perspective.” —

I connect with animals.


I believe in being a gentle goddess.


And so today, I celebrate myself.

Tell me about your soul, tell me the things you do, the things that make you so beautiful. Don’t be shy. Celebrate yourself with me here.

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