What Is Dreamcraft?


Dreamcraft is my own complete system of metaphysics which describes my cosmology of how the Universe works, through simple logical implications of a few basic assumptions. It is a system containing both the physical and spiritual worlds and describes my truths and sense of morality as is evident to my authentic self. It informs how I believe my authentic self (which is the same thing as my soul) interacts with the wholeness of the Universes to co-create my experience of reality. It is entirely practical for daily Earthbound life while also providing a purpose or mission for my soul, which transcends the limits of space and time.

In my own experience of reality, Dreamcraft is utterly real and true, but Dreamcraft itself acknowledges that other people and souls experience reality differently. So Dreamcraft sees no challenge in the existence of other ways of thinking or other systems of belief. Dreamcraft respects all authentic beliefs of other souls. All that is important is discovering one’s own authentic self and its most authentic truth.