Your Mind, a Shark

Your mind is a shark, moving

for a living.

In the depths, layered currents flow;

but when you dive

below the waves of daily life,

you cease to hear your thoughts and believe

you have found


darkness and emptiness.

The pressure is too high; you want to rise

back to the surface, where words tell

you what you’re thinking:

dishes, bills, annoyances, neediness —

all those little quandaries.

But the deepest current is not

silent or still or barren.

It’s quicksilver at lightspeed, too fast

to hear, too refined for words.

Here, at maximum depth,

is you, your soul:

the thoughts you can only feel

in your gut, the thoughts you must enact


or else sink.





One thought on “Your Mind, a Shark

  1. Good one. Very relatable. Mind in search of the bottom , so it can be assured that from then on , there is only way up. It is fragile and not prepared for too much ups nand downs


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